From Diane

After being struck with a severe virus in the year 2000, my body had never fully recovered. Extreme exhaustion made me feel older than my years, had caused me to withdraw from most social engagements, and I became vulnerable to any cold, flu or germ that I was exposed to. I felt shortchanged; life was closing down on me. I was plodding on, but with automation rather than with enjoyment, as I battled a long list of POST VIRAL FATIGUE SYNDROME.

I have been having BodyTalk sessions for about 12 months now. I AM A CHANGED PERSON!!! It is an intriguing therapy, as it only brings up aspects you are ready to deal with at the time, and it was unbelievable for me to discover just how many things were impacting on my immune system.

So I am on a new journey. BodyTalk with Vyara has helped me regain confidence in my ability to heal, my adrenals and my immune system are balanced, and I have healed traumas from my past that have impacted and left a scar. I am more open about how I feel, instead of hiding it so I can please everyone else.

Over the last nine years before I found BodyTalk, I had pursued many therapies. I had taken many supplements, I had an extremely healthy diet, I had avoided any situation, food, place, etc. that could compromise my health. I had become a recluse! Now at last, with the progress I have experienced from BodyTalk I feel I am starting to live again. Life has promise and meaning. I am more balanced, less reactionary. I actually LIKE myself again.Thank you, Vyara.


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