From Jenny

My first BodyTalk session has had very pleasing results for me and I’ve been feeling so much more my old self these last two weeks. I’m a lot more relaxed and constructive in my mental attitude, and seem to be more easily able to tell myself to stop having negative thoughts when they do arrive. I feel I am constructively using my out-of-work time and so far I have been able to plan and achieve actions better than before my first session. Stress and anxiety continue at work and both make me tired at day’s end; but it is more controlled than previously, I think.Physically I am glad to report improvement in BOWELS and fluid activities, my POSTURE is straighter, my worrisome LEFT FOOT much easier and less painful, ASTHMA and SINUS have been improved. I feel I’ve retained these improvements over the time since I saw you.

Really I am very excited about all this and I have an instinctive belief that this is the kid of treatment I need to heal my body and mind. I am more balanced and constructive and hopeful about the future. Thanks, Vyara!


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