From MW

Over the last three years I’d started having PANIC ATTACKS driving along the motorway and Harbour bridge. This had reached a point where I could no longer drive on the motorway let alone over my nemesis the Harbour bridge. Just thinking about it left me with a racing heart, sweaty palms, a feeling of panic and suffocation. I’d tried various modalities, all of which helped to a point but none had got to the crux of resolving the fear of motorway driving. It felt as though there was no hope until a friend recommended Vyara and BodyTalk.

The sessions were ‘easy’, I just lay there and relaxed pretty much. Vyara explained things really clearly, was personable and honest. After about four sessions I could definitely start to sense a shift happening inside on a deeper level, something that I wasn’t consciously controlling. All of a sudden driving didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore. By the sixth session it was as though the ‘power of panic’ had completely reduced and the fear I’d been holding onto was dissipating. Not only am I now back to driving on the motorway but I have also driven over the Harbour bridge, which used to be a huge fear for me and only a couple of months ago it didn’t seem like a possibility ever again. Being able to drive again on motorways has offered such a sense of FREEDOM! I put this down to the BodyTalk sessions with Vyara and her work with me on a deeper subconscious level. I am extremely grateful for Vyara’s wonderful work!!


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