From Nikki

My son is 4 and 3/4 years old, he is a bit of a sensitive little man and has become quite SCARED OF THINGS, could be anything. 3 weeks ago we took his dummy off him and now he is even more scared of things, and is also having to learn how to go to sleep again which is proving quite difficult, then he gets very tired and the whole thing just goes around again. We don’t seem to be able to take any steps forward with him. Hoping you can help.

AFTER 1 Distance Healing BodyTalk session:
Wow thank you! So far so good! My son went to bed just after the session and he got up only twice (normally he would get up 10 times). He didn’t say he was scared or anything, he was quite different! The distance healing work is amazing too. I didn’t know much about that but tonight was very impressive, thanks again!

2 WEEKS AFTER the 1st Distance Healing BodyTalk session:
My son has been much better as far as being scared of everything, especially at bed time. The first couple of days after his session were great! He went to bed without any trouble the first night and got up only once, which was great. The next night he just went straight to sleep, and even when he did get up, he wasn’t scared. He is still not scared, which is fantastic! But he is back to getting up and down again, and ends up going to sleep far too late. He also struggles a lot with kindy, cries a lot and doesn’t want to be there, so really hoping you can help with that too and looking forward to his second distant session.

2 WEEKS AFTER the 2nd Distance Healing BodyTalk session:
My son is doing pretty well! Apart from last night he has been going to bed and staying there. Last night he got up and down about 5 times, but wasn’t scared, just couldn’t fall asleep. Kindy has been great! He hasn’t cried for some time now, just gives me a hug and a kiss and “bye mum”. Thanks, Vyara!


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