From Sherri

Hi, Vyara!

One very exciting result from my last distant BodyTalk treatment is the work you did on my CERVICAL PLEXUX, encompassing the LARYNX. I have always loved and attained great enjoyment from singing, and been a relatively good singer. For quite some time I had not been able to sing the way I used to, and this had made me feel quite sad and dull.

After my last distant BodyTalk treatment, there has been a considerable change in my ability there! Pleasantly so! I am able to reach the range I once could, and I feel like my vocal cords are not cutting out on me, but rather, they are really participating! I am so excited about this!

On top of that, I feel like a merging butterfly! My awareness of myself and my confidence, and my clarity of what I want to do, is the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life!! I can’t thank you enough!


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