From Sonia

As I live in the UK I was sceptical that BodyTalk would be able to help from such a distance. However, this seems not to have been the case. I have been diagnosed with BI-POLAR, BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER and ANXIETY. I take conventional medicine and have had therapy. BodyTalk though seems to have cleared my anger, stress, worry, and the anger I would normally get for days after ‘therapy’. I do NOT believe this is mind over matter as I often forgot when my BodyTalk distant sessions were and I am asleep when Vyara works. Yet, the sessions made a big difference.

My son Lewis, aged 9, was also treated with DISTANT BodyTalk SESSIONS. I have 4 children but only Lewis displays extreme behaviour. Lewis had no idea that Vyara was helping him yet the difference on the days after a session was vast. Vyara, you seemed to tune in to his feelings and thoughts at the time, different in each session! Lewis has been able to calm himself, relax, sleep better, work better, and concentrate more. Amazing! Thank you so much! I really want to learn how to do BodyTalk myself. Unfortunately the UK is very behind in alternative medicines. Thank you, Vyara, look forward to having you help us again in the future.


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