Hi, Vyara! Thank you for the DISTANT GROUP HEALING the other day. I felt much calmer immediately, and two days later I am already attracting lots of opportunities so my FINANCIAL SITUATION doesn’t seem all doom and gloom any more. I am SLEEPING MUCH BETTER too.


From Madeline

For a number of weeks I experienced a LOCALIZED PAIN in the middle of my upper right arm. This was most noticable and annoying when I was trying to work. I attended the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic and had one session of BodyTalk with Vyara. After the session the pain was not quite so bad, and by the following morning the pain had completely gone. I was amazed at how easy the process was and the unbelievable results. Thanks, Vyara.


From Jude

I was out playing a game when I suddenly injured my left leg. The pain was unbearable and I could hardly walk. That night I didn’t get much sleep and the following morning I arranged to have a BodyTalk session with Vyara. Since I couldn’t drive because of the injury, I received a distant healing BodyTalk session while lying comfortably at home. Immediately after the session, I felt big relief in my leg and the pain started to go away. I STOPPED LIMPING and on the following day I could drive again. Thanks to BodyTalk, my recovery was remarkably quick and I am pleased I didn’t need to go to a hospital, or resort to any medication. I continue to receive BodyTalk sessions and have also introduced family members to this powerful healing modality.


From Sharon

Thanks for such a wonderful, intuitive and enlightening session. BodyTalk is a treatment I have been interested in and I really had no specific health issue, more a curiosity about what it was. I was surprised how relaxing and insightful the treatment was. Immediately I felt RELIEVED AND RELAXED and over the next few weeks I noticed a difference, particularly in food choices and hearing my body’s own needs and requirements. Whether you have a specific ailment or concern or a curiosity for tuning into your body and becoming more aware of what you need, BodyTalk is great.


From Lisa

I am blown away by the power of BodyTalk. When Vyara first introduced it to me, the concept sounded really interesting, so I decided to give it a try. Moreover, I made it a family thing and both my teenage kids are also in a series of treatments. What we are all experiencing is amazing. We all feel we are more and more connected to ourselves, there is harmony in our lives and we are much more CALM AND RELAXED both as individuals and as a family unit. We even had comments of the same nature from friends who are not aware of what we are doing. I have recommend BodyTalk to other people and all of them are blown away just like me.

The beauty of the BodyTalk System is that it is a completely non-invasive way of dealing with all sorts of issues, most of which we are not even aware of. Moreover, there is no need to dig in and stir up PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL PAIN. We just balance and release things, and really enjoy the results. The way I see BodyTalk is as the ultimate, most effective medicine that anyone should experience to help balance their body and mind and become a better version of themselves.


From Shirly

Hi, Vyara! Thanks very much for the DISTANT MATRIX SESSION 10 days ago. My daughter has been SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT since!


From Janice

Vyara did a MATRIX SESSION for MY BUSINESS when I first started it and it was hard to get it off the ground. Wow, that session completely turned around the energy of the business and I signed up 4 new clients in the following week. From there, things just took off. Thanks, Vyara!


From Mark

I have a pretty MESSED UP FAMILY. I have half-sisters, step-sisters, half-brothers, step-brothers, and I don’t know how many other step-relatives of some sort. All I can remember from my childhood is arguments over possessions. As an adult, I could understand the negative energy but no matter how much I tried to remove myself from it, it was still affecting me (as well as everyone else). Well, not any more though! After the BodyTalk matrix sessions that Vyara did from a distance, things are very different. My family just seems to be getting along better! Unbelievable! We still have our moments but it’s not as bad as it used to be. As a bonus, I feel much more confident in myself and more assertive at work.


From Larisa

I was RAPED REPEATEDLY by my father when I was a child. Then I spent most of my life hating him and not only him but also men in general. I felt stuck, sick, depressed and didn’t want to live. A friend recommended a forgiveness session with Vyara. I was skeptical but did it anyway and I am very happy I did it. Basically, after the session the resentment simply disappeared. Now I feel like I can love not only my father, but also myself. Life feels so much better.


From M.A

Before BodyTalk, getting my period was a time I looked to with bitterness. Whenever it came, I would get PERIOD CRAMPS and BLOATING and would feel weak. Sometimes I would even throw up, and would have to have a day off school. It was the worst time of the month for me. Then I started BodyTalk. The problem with my period was treated and every time I got my period after that, it would hurt less and less. Then it just didn’t hurt anymore and now I feel fine every time I get it. I am so very grateful to BodyTalk for taking me ‘out of my misery’. Literally.


From Adi

I have participated in several group healings and they have all been very helpful. One of the biggest changes I have experienced was after a group session that was specifically addressing inflammation. I had suffered pelvic floor pain, PMS, ovarian cysts and mood swings for decades. After the GROUP SESSION on INFLAMMATION, I have had none of the above complaints. I feel really comfortable in my own skin now.


From Dana

After two years of SURGERY, INFECTIONS and ILL HEALTH I was very fatigued and depressed. A good friend suggested I make an appointment with Vyara and after two BodyTalk sessions I could already see the difference. The effect my appointments with Vyara have made on me and my life has been incredible! From just being able to drag myself through the day pre-Xmas, I now look forward to planning long walks and cycling trips with my family, I am really enjoying work and have become much more engaged with friends and family, and can actually look forward to the year ahead. To me this has been a complete turnaround that couldn’t have happened without Vyara’s expert help.

Annabel Taylor

From Annabel

I’ve been having regular BodyTalk sessions with Vyara for approximately eight months and have made huge progress in improving my health as a result. When I first started with Vyara, my general health was poor. My many health issues included: constant FATIGUE, PSORIASIS, high levels of INFLAMMATION that was starting to cause JOINT ISSUES, a number of FOOD INTOLERANCES and HIGH BLOOD SUGAR levels.

One of the things I love about BodyTalk is that it is holistic and treats the whole person, not just a symptom. What Vyara picks up on in her sessions is amazing. She has helped me to let go of so many NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, emotions that I had been holding onto for years to the detriment of my emotional and physical health.

Vyara is very understanding, caring and non-judgemental when dealing with sensitive issues. Vyara also has excellent communication skills and gives great explanations of what she is doing and why.

With Vyara’s help my health, both physically and emotionally, is better than it has been for years. My energy levels and psoriasis have definitely improved. I have also been helped to make much needed changes to my diet, in particular reducing my SUGAR INTAKE. My blood sugar levels are now normal. Thank you Vyara, I’m so glad I decided to try BodyTalk.


From Kathy Johnson

After my first BodyTalk distant session my SLEEP IMPROVED dramatically and a few more sessions later I am able to make decisions, I have more energy and my ACNE CLEARED UP. Thanks, Vyara! No one else was able to help me before!


From Megan

I contacted Vyara to lose stubborn baby weight that despite trying everything for 3 years I could not lose. With Vyara I LOST THE WEIGHT IN 8 WEEKS with NO GRINDING EFFORT. Her approach is so holistic that your whole paradigm shifts and the body listens and the weight comes off. What I have come to realize is that I got so much more than just losing weight. I got a complete re-balance of my being from a physical, emotional, hormonal, mood and lifestyle perspective. Her approach is refreshing and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much, Vyara!

Christina Duthil

From Christina Duthil (10 week weight loss)

I’ve been having consistent sessions with Vyara for a few months now and the benefits I’ve seen and felt have been magical. BodyTalk is a new modality that I decided to try after trying countless other healing modalities that didn’t quite help me go deeper to release what I needed to release and accept all aspects of myself. To my surprise, I have consistently changed more and more after each day and each BodyTalk session. I feel more EMBODIED, ALIGNED, CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED and just overall JOYFUL and EXCITED about life! Previously I felt the opposite to all of those feelings/emotions.

The bonus is that Vyara works on me remotely via distance healing sessions so I can go about my day but still feel the incredible and magical effects of the session. It’s truly THE EASIEST FORM OF HEALING I’ve tried. Thank you, Vyara, for helping me reclaim my truth, authenticity and higher self again! I am eternally grateful!

Scarlet O’Brien

From Scarlet O’Brien

I did the MONEY MASTER course with Vyara and it definitely challenged my long held limiting beliefs around money in a profound way and opened the doorway for more ABUNDANCE in my life. The fact that I can refer back to it regularly when the old patterns creep in is WORTH GOLD.

Christina Duthil

From Christina Duthil (Money Master)

The MONEY MASTER course is so much more than a course about money. It gave me opportunities for GROWTH and discovery in many aspects of my life and most importantly the many beliefs, FEARS and values that of course underpin my approach to FINANCES. I started the course with a perceived outcome but actually what happened afterwards was something completely different. For the better. The resources, references and guides were very HELPFUL and INSPIRING. I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course to anyone looking to see what’s holding them back and how to work through some of those challenges. As always, Vyara is an excellent facilitator and guide on this journey. 


From Hollie

I felt a lot less general ANXIETY after the session the other day and had a deeper sense of security in myself too. I feel like this could be a real change and I also think I would greatly benefit from more work. That night I had a much easier, more pleasing interaction with the man than I had had for a while. Thank you!


From Amy

Hi, Vyara! Just wanted to let you know that the same day I had my session with you my STOMACH STOPPED HURTING completely! Even after I ate there was no pain. So thank you for that.


From Lisa

Hi Vyara, just wanted to let you know that after the first few distant BodyTalk sessions I’m feeling really good as far as NOT FEELING GUILTY about the things I felt guilty for over the years. Another thing I’ve noticed is that I feel ready to let my children go. I’ve realized that the reason why all my children are still living with me is because I had a fear of losing them. In the past whenever my children left I always felt something ripping my heart to bits but I know that this feeling had to be tied to losing my baby and also when my mother took all three children from me when I was having a breakdown. My children were my life and she thought she was helping me but I became more of a wreck. But now for the first time in 22 years I’m happy to let them live their own lives. The feelings of guilt have subsided so thank you for that!


From Teresa

Over the last three years I’d started having PANIC ATTACKS driving along the motorway and Harbour bridge. This had reached a point where I could no longer drive on the motorway let alone over my nemesis the Harbour bridge. Just thinking about it left me with a racing heart, sweaty palms, a feeling of panic and suffocation. I’d tried various modalities, all of which helped to a point but none had got to the crux of resolving the fear of motorway driving. It felt as though there was no hope until a friend recommended Vyara and BodyTalk.

The sessions were ‘easy’, I just lay there and relaxed pretty much. Vyara explained things really clearly, was personable and honest. After about four sessions I could definitely start to sense a shift happening inside on a deeper level, something that I wasn’t consciously controlling. All of a sudden driving didn’t seem so overwhelming anymore. By the sixth session it was as though the ‘power of panic’ had completely reduced and the fear I’d been holding onto was dissipating. Not only am I now back to driving on the motorway but I have also driven over the Harbour bridge, which used to be a huge fear for me and only a couple of months ago it didn’t seem like a possibility ever again. Being able to drive again on motorways has offered such a sense of FREEDOM! I put this down to the BodyTalk sessions with Vyara and her work with me on a deeper subconscious level. I am extremely grateful for Vyara’s wonderful work!!


From MW

Vyara is a gifted practitioner. She is humble, discerning and full of integrity. Her ability to hear the real truth amongst my story has been extremely helpful to me. I have been a client of hers for over 6 months and the shifts and healing I have experienced have been profound for me. I originally came to Vyara to deal with my BINGE and EMOTIONAL EATING issues. Since then I have LOST 6 KILOS and my relationship to myself and food have dramatically changed. I am an aware person and always arrive with “my stuff”. Vyara gets straight to the point and her ability to work with my body is such a welcome relief for me, as I have tried “everything”. Her kindness and love always leaves me feeling at peace. Thank you, Vyara, for being all that you are, you are truly a gift to all that come into your universe! Big thank you’s!

Sue James

From Sue James

As I live in the UK I was sceptical that BodyTalk would be able to help from such a distance. However, this seems not to have been the case. I have been diagnosed with BI-POLAR, BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER and ANXIETY. I take conventional medicine and have had therapy. BodyTalk though seems to have cleared my anger, stress, worry, and the anger I would normally get for days after ‘therapy’. I do NOT believe this is mind over matter as I often forgot when my BodyTalk distant sessions were and I am asleep when Vyara works. Yet, the sessions made a big difference.

My son Lewis, aged 9, was also treated with DISTANT BodyTalk SESSIONS. I have 4 children but only Lewis displays extreme behaviour. Lewis had no idea that Vyara was helping him yet the difference on the days after a session was vast. Vyara, you seemed to tune in to his feelings and thoughts at the time, different in each session! Lewis has been able to calm himself, relax, sleep better, work better, and concentrate more. Amazing! Thank you so much! I really want to learn how to do BodyTalk myself. Unfortunately the UK is very behind in alternative medicines. Thank you, Vyara, look forward to having you help us again in the future.


From Sonia

Hi, Vyara!

One very exciting result from my last distant BodyTalk treatment is the work you did on my CERVICAL PLEXUX, encompassing the LARYNX. I have always loved and attained great enjoyment from singing, and been a relatively good singer. For quite some time I had not been able to sing the way I used to, and this had made me feel quite sad and dull.

After my last distant BodyTalk treatment, there has been a considerable change in my ability there! Pleasantly so! I am able to reach the range I once could, and I feel like my vocal cords are not cutting out on me, but rather, they are really participating! I am so excited about this!

On top of that, I feel like a merging butterfly! My awareness of myself and my confidence, and my clarity of what I want to do, is the strongest I’ve ever felt in my life!! I can’t thank you enough!


From Sherri

My first BodyTalk session has had very pleasing results for me and I’ve been feeling so much more my old self these last two weeks. I’m a lot more relaxed and constructive in my mental attitude, and seem to be more easily able to tell myself to stop having negative thoughts when they do arrive. I feel I am constructively using my out-of-work time and so far I have been able to plan and achieve actions better than before my first session. Stress and anxiety continue at work and both make me tired at day’s end; but it is more controlled than previously, I think.Physically I am glad to report improvement in BOWELS and fluid activities, my POSTURE is straighter, my worrisome LEFT FOOT much easier and less painful, ASTHMA and SINUS have been improved. I feel I’ve retained these improvements over the time since I saw you.

Really I am very excited about all this and I have an instinctive belief that this is the kid of treatment I need to heal my body and mind. I am more balanced and constructive and hopeful about the future. Thanks, Vyara!


From Jenny

Hi Vyara, thank you for doing this DISTANT ACCESS SESSION for my 6 year old daughter! During the afternoon after the session she was FULL OF ENERGY, much more than normal, and a bit cheeky with it. But what really struck me was that she was more light-hearted and happier than she has been for a long time. When I took her to bed, she hugged me and said it was ok to kiss her (which it had not been for over a year), and I held her and she looked at me so lovingly (as she also hasn’t done for a while). I scratched the back of her knees a bit, but the energy felt less spiky than it did before, and she fell asleep by herself without scratching for the first time in a very long while. Her breathing is strong now, her lungs clear. Thank you!


From Caroline

I’ve been going along to see Vyara for about six months now. The last six months have been an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY for me. So many aspects of my life have been completely changed. I am happier, more peaceful, the relationship with my husband has gone from crisis point to better than it’s ever been, things at work are amazing, and there are many negative thought patterns that have just evaporated. The best thing is that she can do a lot of her sessions remotely as I go about my day. I wish everyone could have a Vyara in their lives!

CH, Point Chevalier

From CH, Point Chevalier

I went into my first BodyTalk session with problems I was both aware, and unaware of. I was finding that I was just unmotivated, and seemed to have low energy at the time. Also, my SEX DRIVE was basically non-existent, and I was particularly worried about this, being only 22. BodyTalk immediately fixed these blocks, and helped a lot with a duality complex I had within myself. Thanks, Vyara!


From Victor

I am already feeling benefits from the last BodyTalk treatment to do with alcohol and have no trouble keeping my resolve not to DRINK ALCOHOL. Thank you, Vyara!


From M.J.

I am still a bit physically sore from my SURGERY, but in terms of my emotional and mental state I am feeling so amazing. I am feeling so great after that first BodyTalk session. I actually have not felt this great in my entire life. I am really high on life at the moment. I feel like a new person, it’s really weird and new for me, but very exciting!


From Kylie

My daughter had ECZEMA for quite a while and it extended over a large part of her body. Her doctor prescribed a steroid cream but because she was only a toddler, I didn’t want to risk the side effects of the medication. Even more importantly, I wanted to address the cause for the eczema; I didn’t want to do something that would only mask the symptoms. After I heard about BodyTalk, I went to the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic and received a few sessions myself, just to make sure it is safe and effective. The results were very convincing, so I booked my daughter for BodyTalk sessions as well. To my relief, in the course of 5 distance healing BodyTalk treatments over two and a half months, her eczema disappeared completely and has not reoccurred since!


From Elizabeth

My son is 4 and 3/4 years old, he is a bit of a sensitive little man and has become quite SCARED OF THINGS, could be anything. 3 weeks ago we took his dummy off him and now he is even more scared of things, and is also having to learn how to go to sleep again which is proving quite difficult, then he gets very tired and the whole thing just goes around again. We don’t seem to be able to take any steps forward with him. Hoping you can help.

AFTER 1 Distance Healing BodyTalk session:
Wow thank you! So far so good! My son went to bed just after the session and he got up only twice (normally he would get up 10 times). He didn’t say he was scared or anything, he was quite different! The distance healing work is amazing too. I didn’t know much about that but tonight was very impressive, thanks again!

2 WEEKS AFTER the 1st Distance Healing BodyTalk session:
My son has been much better as far as being scared of everything, especially at bed time. The first couple of days after his session were great! He went to bed without any trouble the first night and got up only once, which was great. The next night he just went straight to sleep, and even when he did get up, he wasn’t scared. He is still not scared, which is fantastic! But he is back to getting up and down again, and ends up going to sleep far too late. He also struggles a lot with kindy, cries a lot and doesn’t want to be there, so really hoping you can help with that too and looking forward to his second distant session.

2 WEEKS AFTER the 2nd Distance Healing BodyTalk session:
My son is doing pretty well! Apart from last night he has been going to bed and staying there. Last night he got up and down about 5 times, but wasn’t scared, just couldn’t fall asleep. Kindy has been great! He hasn’t cried for some time now, just gives me a hug and a kiss and “bye mum”. Thanks, Vyara!


From Nikki

At the start of my second BodyTalk session, Vyara asked me what changes I had noticed since my first session, two weeks before. Where to begin? The list goes on and on: Loss of SHOULDER PAIN, giving me ease of movement and no restriction (with no other treatment than the one BodyTalk session!); End of internal, energy draining conversations, so I now have a clear mind and a sense of mental quiet and relaxation; Elimination of lethargy and a sense of DEPRESSION that I used to have; Gaining a sense of lightness in how I go through the day with more positivity and enjoyment; No more ‘sleep’ fatigue, so I now wake up refreshed and with energy, looking forward to the day; Easing of throat restriction making it easy for me to swallow food once again, rather than food sticking in my throat regardless of how well chewed it was.. And on top of all that, I hadn’t had a corn chip in two weeks! Which was great, considering that before my BodyTalk session I addictively munched around 2 cereal bowls of corn chips a day!

As I rattled off these changes, I began to realise just how powerful and quick the BodyTalk process can be. I know that any process, no matter how good it is, can be affected by the person applying it. I feel fortunate to have found a practitioner in Vyara who I sense, both believes in the power of the BodyTalk process to help the body heal itself, and is energised and motivated by the changes people can and do experience. Have a session with Vyara, it could literally change how you experience your life!

Dougal Thompson

From Dougal Thompson

After being struck with a severe virus in the year 2000, my body had never fully recovered. Extreme exhaustion made me feel older than my years, had caused me to withdraw from most social engagements, and I became vulnerable to any cold, flu or germ that I was exposed to. I felt shortchanged; life was closing down on me. I was plodding on, but with automation rather than with enjoyment, as I battled a long list of POST VIRAL FATIGUE SYNDROME.

I have been having BodyTalk sessions for about 12 months now. I AM A CHANGED PERSON!!! It is an intriguing therapy, as it only brings up aspects you are ready to deal with at the time, and it was unbelievable for me to discover just how many things were impacting on my immune system.

So I am on a new journey. BodyTalk with Vyara has helped me regain confidence in my ability to heal, my adrenals and my immune system are balanced, and I have healed traumas from my past that have impacted and left a scar. I am more open about how I feel, instead of hiding it so I can please everyone else.

Over the last nine years before I found BodyTalk, I had pursued many therapies. I had taken many supplements, I had an extremely healthy diet, I had avoided any situation, food, place, etc. that could compromise my health. I had become a recluse! Now at last, with the progress I have experienced from BodyTalk I feel I am starting to live again. Life has promise and meaning. I am more balanced, less reactionary. I actually LIKE myself again.Thank you, Vyara.


From Diane

When I first went to Vyara at the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic, I was in a lot of pain in my upper abdominal area which had led to me being anxious, emotionally drained and very tired. After a few BodyTalk sessions, I felt a huge change in my emotional level and my anxiety started to reduce. I presented initially with a lot of chronic pain in different parts of my body and each session we saw improvements in the different kinds of pain I had been getting. I had been diagnosed by my doctor with an UNUSUAL FORM OF IBS in my upper stomach after having had many invasive tests at the hospital. I became sensitive to all food and drinks and was having a very difficult time eating and had lost a lot of weight. I have now put on weight and I’m still putting weight on, I can eat virtually everything I used to eat and my iron levels went up to a level that even surprised my doctor after having to take iron tablets for months.

I would strongly recommend the BodyTalk 4 Life Clinic to anyone who is in chronic pain and has found no other solution either medical or natural in resolving their pain. Vyara is very insightful and knowledgeable and very dedicated to the wonderful work she does as a BodyTalk practitioner.


From Tracey