The link between detox and success

The link between detox and success

We mainly detox ourselves for health reasons. But did you know that detox is crucial for general success in life (home, career, relationships, etc.)? That’s right – the quickest way to achieving a goal or manifesting a dream can be through a process of detoxification. Importantly, the detox should be done in the right order of priorities, or else we could reabsorb poison and drown in overwhelm, weakness and despair.

In what follows, I explain the right steps to the detox for success. Consider these steps seriously as a means to manifest your dreams.


The detox solution: little things done in the right order lead to extraordinary results

The Higher self is our doorway to achieving our goals and manifesting our dreams in the real world. If we want to be successful (at home, at work, with our creative endeavours and personal health projects, in our relationships, etc.), we have to get in touch with the Higher self and align with it. But what is the Higher self, and how do we contact it and align with it?

The Higher self is our free spirit: it is unburdened, non-conditioned, fearless, infinite and limitless. The Higher self is the Pure self – it’s pure, clean and light; it’s pure light! Therefore, alignment with the Higher/Pure self is only possible if we detoxify and purify ourselves: the body, the emotions and the mind.

A process of detoxification and purification of the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body naturally raises our vibration on the lower levels of our existence. This allows for an easy contact and alignment with the Higher/Pure self which, in turn, opens the door to happiness, limitlessness and manifestation. Thus, the detoxification of the physical, emotional and mental bodies becomes our roadmap for success. It’s the path that leads us from where we currently are to where we want to be.

Importantly, a detoxification process should always be done in the right order. You certainly don’t want to start dislodging toxins before you have cleared out the elimination pathways (lymph, gut, lungs, etc.). We should always open the physical detoxification channels first and then start to release toxins. This can be done through the careful application of various herbs, energy healing techniques, sleep hygiene, etc. Crucially, a physical detox not only purifies and heals our body; it also strengthens and grounds us, and gives us the much needed resilience and internal resourcefulness for the subsequent process of emotional detoxification.

Once the physical body is purer, lighter and healthier, we can confidently move onto the next level: emotional detox and trauma release. Dealing with trauma is no small thing and should only be done when we are strong enough physically to handle it. Otherwise trauma release and emotional detox can potentially weaken the physical body and lead to more sickness and distress. Here, consider various energy healing techniques, breathing practices and exercises for vagal tone to help you with the emotional detox process. Some form of forgiveness work should also be included at this stage.

Assuming that you have performed the release of emotional toxins and trauma successfully, you should start to get clear glimpses of the depths of your unlimited creative potential (creativity is always blocked by emotional baggage). To be able to tap fully into the limitlessness of your creativity though, you also need to declutter the mind. Humanity is now entering a 5D reality where thought manifestation becomes more and more possible as long as the mind is clear and focused. So at this stage consider techniques for release of negative beliefs, pessimism, resignation, cynicism, laziness, procrastination and fear. Focus on exercises that turn on your visionary faculty and motivate the mind to set goals and plan strategically,

Right, we are almost there! Once purification is achieved on the physical, emotional and mental levels, it’s time to integrate the work and harmonize those levels to the Higher/Pure self for a full alignment of your new inner world with the outer world. It’s very important not to miss this final step as that’s precisely when we start to witness real synchronicity at work. Aligning the physical, emotional and mental bodies to the Higher/Pure self can be achieved through various energy healing techniques, breathwork, meditation, etc.

Last but not least, a process of purification shouldn’t feel hard, difficult to follow, excessively time-consuming, overwhelming, depleting or exhausting. A detox should be done with discipline but shouldn’t become an obsession (obsessiveness is highly toxic in nature). We shouldn’t get too fixated and carried away with it as that will just clog the mind even more and bring up more obstacles for us. Make this process a fun experience – energizing, easy and flowing. As with everything else, here too a very important rule applies: Little things, consistently done (and in the right order!), lead to extraordinary results.

Not sure how to do all of this on your own? Here is a step-by-step guide to your Detox Solution.

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