The link between sex and success

The link between sex and success

Did you grow up with the message that mastering your sexual energy is bad, sinful, disgraceful or shameful? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth! Harnessing your sexuality is in fact key to your personal success, and more. How come? Read on to find out!


Sex yourself up for success

Ever heard of the Kundalini energy? Well that’s actually your sexual energy, also known as your creative potential or Life Force. Plain and simple, if you want to consciously co-create your life and manifest your dreams, you need to harness more of your sexual energy and get in touch with your sexuality.

We all know that sexuality is the energy we need to procreate. Notice, however, that procreate has the root create in it. A mere coincidence? Hardly! The energy we use to procreate is the very energy we need to create. And here I am not talking about drawing a painting, writing poetry, choreographing or composing music. I am talking about creating our life. More specifically, creating the life style we want to manifest and enjoy: creating our perfect day, our dream job, our desired partner, and the resulting blissful feeling we want to manifest and experience for real in the physical world. That’s right! The law of attraction works only when you turn up the dial on your sex energy (your creative potential and manifesting life force). As a bonus, getting in touch with our sexuality is also linked to healing the physical body from physical illnesses as it leads to a powerful surge of healing chemicals that can turn off disease genes.

So if you have issues with your sexuality and sensuality, or if you have difficulties experiencing joy and pleasure in life (also outside of a sexual intercourse), it’s highly likely that you have diminished intuitive and creative power and you attract blocks and obstacles to manifesting. Similarly, you might be experiencing more jealousy and envy, difficulties forgiving, hormonal imbalances or other issues with your reproductive and endocrine systems, problems with grounding, a general lack of emotional equilibrium as well as problems with your physical health.

However, don’t despair! It’s never too late to take an honest look at your beliefs around sexuality and sensuality and start re-programming yourself. Many therapies and healing techniques can help sex you up (the BodyTalk System being one of them). Simply zero in on a method you feel drawn to and start waking up your sexual energy, no matter what age you are. Start connecting with your creative and healing potential while breaking down any limitations and blocks to manifesting that may be coming from diminished sexual power. Take the first step today for a more enjoyable tomorrow!

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