Missing ingredient to success

The missing ingredient to success

If you thought that success boils down to some combination of talent, work and good luck, then you are mistaken. In this article, I reveal what else is needed for true success.


Be – do – have

There are many ingredients to success: talent, creativity and insight, hard work, patience and persistence, good luck and synchronicity, the right beliefs and attitude… Did I miss something? Oh yes – a spiritual practice.

Of course you can lose weight, become a capable doctor or an excellent lawyer, and be a decent mother or a successful sports player simply by doing (studying, training, working, etc.). But are you going to have satisfaction around your success? How many people do you know that seem to have achieved it all and feel miserable at the same time: exhausted, underappreciated, over-worked, never good enough (despite surface appearances), never quite there, and sometimes even not sure if that’s the right thing to do and the right place to be. And then there are also those who seem to be doing all the right things and don’t even achieve apparent success, not even in the eyes of the others. Why?

The answer is because dissatisfaction runs together with an overemphasis on the doing. Remember the notorious phrase Be-Do-Have? If you skip the being and jump onto the doing, you never quite end up having (personal satisfaction, successful closure, peace and happiness). You keep doing and no matter what you achieve or produce, you feel you need to do more because…. If you however go a step back and focus on the being, you will end up having all that you want and more.

The “being” step implies having a spiritual practice around what you do and what you would like to have. That doesn’t mean you become lazy, superstitious or a religious fanatic. It means you spend time in meditation, introspection, contemplation, appreciation, prayer and gratitude. This way you can activate the higher brain, you can operate from your higher self, and you can receive guidance (through insight and intuition) simply because you feel connected to the resources of the universe and you act out of something larger than you (not because your ego wants to compensate for inferiority complexes or fears lack and separation).

Thus, if you precede the doing with being (in meditation, contemplation, prayer and gratitude), and then take action, your endeavor will be highly successful in the following respects:

  • You will know you are on the right path; you won’t have second thoughts and doubts in the process or regrets later.
  • The path will be easy and things will flow (since you will be energetically aligned with the cosmic tides of power); even difficulties will be met with grace.
  • You will have a sense of fulfillment every step of the way; it won’t feel like a rut race, constant stress and in the end – no feeling of satisfaction.

In a nutshell, surrounding your projects with some form of spiritual practice guarantees your success and happiness not only on paper but also in your heart.

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