six habits of intelligent people

The six habits of intelligent people

There is a difference between being intellectual and being intelligent. While intellect may be an innate predisposition, intelligent people were not necessarily borne intelligent. They come to be intelligent because they exercise their “intelligence” muscle on a consistent basis. Practice the habits of intelligent people consistently and watch your own intelligence grow!


Intelligent people have intelligent habits:

Habit #1: Intelligent people don’t take anything personal.

Habit #2: Intelligent people always welcome the possibility that they may be wrong.

Habit #3: Intelligent people listen to the advice they give to other people and always take it on themselves.

Habit #4: Intelligent people know when to let go and do so in faith and with enthusiasm.

Habit #5: Intelligent people surround themselves with other intelligent people.

Habit #6: Intelligent people don’t gossip.

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