How to create a better new year

Time travel to create a better life

Is your mind conditioned to perceiving the memory of yesterday as something that happened in the past? Do you think that what you will experience tomorrow has not yet happened? That’s certainly one (quite limiting) way to perceive Time. In reality, however, time isn’t as boring as the brain sees it. In what follows I talk about the way Time really works and how perceiving Time in this new way can open the door to infinite possibilities.


The past is in the present (and so is the future)

Have you heard of the role of the observer in “collapsing” a wave of possibility into a material reality? Where did this come from?

The idea that a conscious observation is a necessary condition for creating something out of potential stems from one notorious experiment with electrons. In this experiment, scientists observed that an electron behaves in two ways: when no one is looking, an electron behaves as a wave (i.e. energy or immaterial potential), and when we observe it the electron becomes a particle (i.e. matter or manifested potential). On the face of it, does a falling tree in the woods make a sound when no one is there to hear it? The answer is No because a sound wave is energy/potential that needs and observer to be able to materialize – it’s only when a sound wave hits the ear drum that it can be transformed into a physical sound.

Now, let’s think about the past for a second. How do you know something happened in the past? It’s through remembering it. If you can’t remember an event from the past it simply doesn’t exist as an event – what was once material has gone back to being simply a potential because you no longer observe it. The moment you remember something (i.e. observe it), however, it materializes again and not in the past – it happens in the present! Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it exists as potential (as a wave) at all times. So when you observe a particular segment of energy like last year’s fight with your partner for instance, you simply give life to that potential and materialize it in the moment of observation. You are experiencing the fight in the present because you are observing it from the present and it is happening in the present in accordance with the accuracy of your memory and intensity of your feelings. Similarly, numerous other fights with your partner exist in potential and you may observe and materialize some “in the future” but that potential already exists in the present. In fact, the more you observe a past fight, the more likely you are to materialize future ones because fights vibrate on a similar frequency, the frequency of Separation.

On the face of it, we may look at the past, present and future as parallel realities. We jump from one reality to another through the power of observation. In fact, we often live in some “parallel reality” while thinking about a possibility of the future or a memory of the past. Importantly, energy flows where attention goes. So the moment you observe a parallel reality, you quite simply materialize it. It becomes your fulfilled destiny and you can feel its presence in the body. If it’s trauma from the past you are remembering it makes you sad, angry, a victim, etc. If it’s something you fear might happen in the future, you feel stressed, anxious, terrified, etc. That’s because you observe something that exists in potential and give it the power to materialize in the present (though you like to think of it as past or future).

Crucially, the past is not in the past. It’s here. It has always been here and it will always be here, in potential. Similarly, the future is not in the future. It’s here, it has always been here, and it will always be here, again in potential. Think of the past, present and future events as trains positioned on parallel railway tracks. There are many trains representing various potential versions and interpretations of your past, many trains representing numerous potential versions of your future and many potential present versions as well. Your mind (the memory/the observation/the dream/the fearful thought, etc.) can teleport you instantaneously on any one of those trains (trains representing infinite possibilities) at any given time. And as soon as you transport yourself on a given train, say last year’s argument with your ex, you are materializing that possibilities into reality in the present moment. And get that – if you stay on that train we know your predictable “future” because that train cannot change direction; it’s headed towards conflict and separation. Your predictable future is therefore nothing else but conflict and separation. So if you want another future, you need to will your mind to observe something else, something happy and beautiful. The moment you observe that possibility, you will get transported (physically) on a train that’s headed for happiness and beauty and that’s what will materialize for you.

Note that happiness comes after you feel the possibility to be happy. Many wait for something to materialize first to then feel happy. But how can you materialize the happiness unless you observe it first? It’s scientifically impossible. Now, you may want to contradict that logic telling me you felt happy once after someone paid you a compliment. That’s because you felt deserving of that complement beforehand and the compliment materialized as a result. Just think how many people don’t feel happy when a compliment is paid to them! That’s because they don’t connect with the possibility of being valuable and valued in the first place.

Make no mistake – it’s all inner work. Your reality is a reflection of your thoughts. So for those who are working on surviving trauma – there comes a point where you just need to make a decision to get off the trauma train (i.e. stop recounting the trauma) and get on the train of happiness. The trauma train is headed for more trauma and if you stay on it, trauma becomes your predictable future. Getting off it (by observing the possibility for something beautiful and expansive) is your only way out of trauma.

As we are approaching New Year (which isn’t from the future, it already exists in a parallel reality), think about the tradition to come up with New Year’s resolutions. That makes a lot of sense in the light of everything discussed so far. New Year’s resolutions help us focus on what we would like to manifest. Energy flows where attention goes and things materialize as a result. In other words, you get what you focus on; you get what you expect. So what are you creating for the New Year? Which train do you plan to ride? Think about it carefully and combine it with feelings (of excitement, happiness, gratitude, etc.). The more intense the feeling you attach to your intention, the better the chances of it materializing. And then of course take inspired action. Follow the formula Be-Do-Have. And be consistent. Random thoughts and actions don’t count. Obsessions are what counts. You get what you obsess about. So become obsessed with being happy if that’ what you want out of the New Year and your life in general.

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