Understand brain development and increase brain capacity

Understand brain development and increase your brain capacity with BodyTalk

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn how a simple BodyTalk technique can help you increase the power and effectiveness of your brain dramatically.

Increase your brain capacity with BodyTalk

In BodyTalk we often talk about the connection between your left brain and your right brain and the importance that his connection has for brain development. The left brain is the masculine principle, i.e. thinking, intellect, logic, and attention to detail. The right brain is the feminine principle, i.e. feeling, creativity, thinking outside of the box, associative thinking and attention to the bigger picture. In order for you to get out of stress, be “in the zone” and experience optimal brain function, the right brain and the left brain need to work together.

To understand just how much bigger your brain capacity becomes when there is communication between the right brain and the left brain, consider this: A single horse can pull 2 tons worth of load. Two horses of the same breed though, when working together, can pull 23 tons!!! Similarly, if the left brain and the right brain are working together, your brain capacity will be so much bigger compared to when the cooperation is not happening.

How then do you get your left and your right brain to “pull” together? Obviously, receiving BodyTalk sessions is a great way to ensure that. But there is also something you can do yourself on a daily bases – you can tap out your cortices. The cortices technique is a simple yet very powerful way to synchronize the activity of the right and the left brain. If you don’t know how to do it, watch “Cortices How To”

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