Easy weight loss

Weight loss in 5 easy steps

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter you will read about how you can get in a better physical shape following five simple dietary principles.

Weight los in 5 easy steps

#1. It is not about What, it is about When!

You burn more easily the calories from food eaten earlier in the day, whereas you tend to store most of your dinner as fat (unless you work out in the gym before you go to bed). Therefore, skip dinner. Or have it as early as 5-6pm. Or simply have a light vegetable soup and skip the toast, the meats, the wine and the desert. Take the birthday cake from the dinner party back home and have at morning tea on the following day.

#2. It is not about How Much, it is about How Often!

If you eat smaller portions more frequently, you will burn more and store less fat than if you eat the same amount of food daily in 2-3 sittings. Therefore, split your main meals into smaller portions and have them over 5-6 sittings.

#3. Mix and Match: Know which foods go together!

If you eat simple meals and don’t mix too many foods in one meal, you will digest better, eliminate better, and store less fat. Eat fruit on its own or before your main meal, not after! Never combine milk and yogurt with anything else, especially not with fruit! Don’t eat refined carbohydrates and fats together. Simplify your meals as much as you can. Variety of foods should be obtained within the day, not within one meal.

#4. Drinking helps! As long as you know what to drink!

Warm water is detoxifying, rehydrating, and it helps melt fat. Cold water and fizzy drinks, on the other hand, especially when eaten in conjunction with fatty meals, make the body sluggish, toxic and heavy.

#5. Don’t worry, rest more, and be happy!

Laugh more, have sex more often, sleep well at night, and be happy. Happy and rested people burn more calories and lose weight much easier. Watch a comedy, find a new hobby, make new friends, get excited about something. And don’t forget to sleep enough! This will help you stay healthier and in a better physical shape.

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