Gossip and criticism

What can you learn from gossip and criticism?

Do you have a friend who is constantly gossiping and criticizing other people? And have you noticed that your friend is usually guilty of the same things that he is criticizing? Why then is he going constantly on and on about so and so’s bad manners, lack of financial skills and poor taste in clothes, and getting really worked up about it? Read on to find out.


Why is (s)he so negative, constantly criticizing and gossiping?

The answer is simple – your gossiping friend criticizes the parts of himself that he doesn’t like and that he keeps seeing in other people. It may be that he is completely unaware of what he is doing. Or it may be that he already knows his own faults and by talking to you about these same faults in other people, he hopes (partly consciously and partly subconsciously) that he can divert the attention away from his own negatives. But ultimately he achieves exactly the opposite. Your light bulbs go immediately and you think “Wow, my friend is delusional”.

But is your friend simply delusional? If he is completely unaware, then yes maybe he is delusional. But he must also be scared, separated and disconnected. He doesn’t know how to experience love and how to feel part of everyone and everything and that is what is driving the negativism.

The surest way to transform a negative person who constantly criticizes and gossips is to help them understand unconditional love and connectedness. When we feel love, we focus on the similarities between people, not on the differences between them. This opens the door to compassion and self-reflection. Your friend notices that someone has bad manners and loves them for that and looks for the same thing in himself because he knows that we are all the same.

So how do you offer your friend a path from Separation to Universal love? Receiving BodyTalk sessions is one way to heal Separation. The same thing can be achieved through the Oneness Blessing as well. And by the way, if you know a friend who needs that, then you certainly need it yourself because we are all the same!

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