Who are soul’s best friend and worst enemy?

The soul (the inner healer) speaks directly to the body. The body then tries to talk to the mind but the mind doesn’t listen. What happens next? We have all heard about the body-mind-soul trio. But what exactly is the connection between them? And how does that connection impact healing? Lastly, what can we do to restore the body-mind-soul integrity and help the healing process? These are the questions I tackle in the article today.


Body-mind-soul integrity and healing

The soul is the inner healer. It takes on some of the world’s unresolved issues, befriends a body and starts to speak to it in order for healing to take place. Thus, the body becomes the soul’s best friend. The body then tries to talk to the mind (through pain and other symptoms). But the mind doesn’t always listen and therefore becomes the soul’s worst enemy. The mind usually gets too wrapped up in the ego and takes everything personally. It is over-identified with the body, with the “me”, and it is under the illusion that it is all about “me”. Look what “I” am going through! Poor “me”!

It almost never occurs to the mind that the less we personalize our experiences, the fewer problems we have and the happier we feel. The mind rarely understands that pain is universal and although inevitable, it is also healable – if only we depersonalized life and stopped creating suffering by playing the victims. We are not victims, we are instruments for healing. We just need to look at the bigger picture and recognize the part we play in a much bigger scheme. We need to understand that the pain I am trying to heal is your pain too, and their pain as well. In other words, pain is pain and it is one of the things that connect us, and is also one of the things that we are here to resolve for the greater good of the universe. So let’s not make a personalized victim story out of it. We are all in this together, and what I have is what you have and what we all have (it just occurs in different forms on the surface). And that’s precisely why group healing can be so effective.

Understanding that my body’s pain is the soul’s call for healing something larger than me, something that goes beyond the body I usually over-identify with, is the first step to happiness and freedom. Indeed, pain is inevitable. But suffering is a direct result of the story the mind tells the world in order to claim self-importance. Hence, suffering is unnecessary and can be avoided altogether. We can’t always choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it. And the key to doing that is cultivating a flexible and open mind that is able to observe objectively and remain neutral to the messages it receives (from the soul through the body) instead of creating interpretations and stories about what is.

The soul (our inner healer) speaks directly to the body, and if the mind is tuned to the body it can hear the soul’s call for healing. Note though that tuning to our body means we are in the body but we are not the body itself (we extend beyond the body and we are connected to other bodies and everything else there is). So when the mind is tuned to the body, it is in touch with the individual as well as the universal, and it is correctly informed on what is needed for healing. This “tuning in” is akin to “quieting the mind” (i.e. dropping the story), and can be achieved through meditation, contemplation, introspection and prayer.

Of course, another way to tune into the body is to do BodyTalk – a therapy that aims at direct communication with the body in order to correctly interpret the soul’s call for healing. So if your mind can’t get quiet enough to hear what your body is saying, BodyTalk can help not only in deciphering your body’s messages but also in quieting the mind itself (so you become more and more capable of resolving future problems by yourself).

Last but not least, to alleviate pain, shift your focus outside of yourself onto someone else. We can’t always remain objective about our own stuff but we can usually do that while observing someone else’s situation. Therefore, listen to the advice you give to the others and then take it on for it is most likely going to serve you just as well. Remember, we are all in this together and apparent differences are only a function of a noisy, scattered and scared mind.

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