Holistic cure for stubborn deseases

Why do some people remain sick despite doing everything right?

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter, you will learn why some people remain sick and unhappy despite their efforts such as following a healthy diet, exercising, and reciting positive affirmations daily.

There is nothing to fear but Fear itself

Have you noticed that sometimes people who do all the right things get sick more often than people who don’t put as much effort into maintaining their well-being? How many people do you know who smoke and drink, eat everything and don’t exercise, and yet they have no physical complaints? On the other hand, we all know people who are constantly watching their diet, regularly take supplements, and generally live a health-conscious life, and yet these are the people who will also constantly have health problems. Why?

The motivation behind what you are doing is the key factor to examine when it comes to paradoxes of the type described above. If fear of getting old and sick is motivating you to watch your diet and to exercise, it wouldn’t matter how health-conscious you are – the fear, if strong enough, will manifest itself as reality despite your efforts. Conversely, if you believe that you are strong and healthy, if you trust your body to be able to adapt and serve you, then chances are you will remain healthy despite the quality of food you are eating.

So where is your motivation rooted? What is driving you? Are you afraid of what may happen or are you inspired to do the best you can for yourself?

BodyTalk can help you dissipate your fears, most of which are subconscious and you may not even be aware of them. That is why receiving BodyTalk sessions combined with healthy life-style can optimise the effect of your efforts and help your body and mind stay young, strong and healthy!

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