Intuition and Self-healing

Why is intuition important for self-healing and how does it differ from imagination and wishful thinking?

In this BodyTalk 4 Life newsletter you can find out how you can distinguish between imagination, wishful thinking and intuition, and how you can improve your intuition and make it more reliable. You will also learn how you can explain BodyTalk in a simple and easy-to-understand way. Last but not least, it is my pleasure to share some very exciting news with you – BodyTalk will soon be available to study at several universities all around the world. Read on to find out details!


Reliable Intuition: Why is it important and how can I develop it?

Many people want to be more intuitive. And many people have feelings, see things, hear voices but can’t know for sure whether it’s their intuition trying to tell them something or they just imagine things and project their own hopes and expectations. So how can you tell the difference between intuition and imagination and to what degree can you trust your intuition?

You can’t trust your intuition unless you can trust yourself. The degree of personal integrity will determine how much you can trust your intuition. So in order to improve your intuition and make it more reliable, you need to work on your personal integrity.

Every time you tell a lie (no matter how harmless it seems), you compromise you integrity and your intuition is less reliable as a result. Every time you make a promise that you don’t keep, the same thing happens. Pay special attention to all the promises you make to yourself and don’t keep. “I will start exercising from tomorrow and will lose 5kg in the next 2 months”; “I will stop eating sugar and introduce fresh foods into my diet”… and list goes on and on. The more you make these promises and can’t keep them, the more your inner voice goes “Yeah right”. As a result you can’t trust yourself and so you most certainly can’t trust your intuition either.

When you break your promises, especially the ones you make to yourself, you not only destroy your self-esteem and inhibit your intuitive powers, you also compromise your body’s ability to self-heal. For it is your intuitive powers that are at the heart of your self-healing mechanism. Your body knows intuitively what there is to do to repair and self-heal. When you are out of integrity, you destroy this inner wisdom and ill health follows.

A lot of “positive thinking” types of approaches tell you to “fake it until you make it”. This really doesn’t serve you because while you are being busy “faking it”, you are out of integrity. As a result, your intuition is at its lowest. Therefore your self-healing mechanism also becomes compromised. Every time you “fake it”, you activate the fight-flight mode of the nervous system. This means you are in stress rather than growth and repair. Being in stress means your body is vulnerable to disease and degeneration.

So don’t fake it. Be authentic instead. The truth will not only set you free, it will help you become more in tune with yourself. It will also help you heal. You have all the answers within you. You don’t need to tune into any higher power because you are the higher power, as long as you keep your integrity. Intellectual honesty can unlock the tremendous intuitive potential that is within you. All you need to do is stop lying to yourself and to others. Easier said than done but certainly worth a try.

BodyTalk explained simply by Ben Manalo

“BodyTalk is a simple Consciousness-based health care system that accelerates your body’s healing process and prevents disease. To experience optimal health, every part of you needs to work together effectively and efficiently as a team. By improving the cooperation and communication throughout your bodymind on all levels, BodyTalk enhances your natural capacity to quickly heal and adapt to the stresses of day to day life in subtle yet profound ways.”

BodyTalk becomes a university degree

The BodyTalk System has enjoyed a rapid growth in the last decade and will soon be available at several universities around the globe. The knowledge of BodyTalk doubles every 6 months. This has allowed the BodyTalk System to make a huge quantum leap and become established as leading edge consciousness-based medicine. BodyTalk has its principles in quantum theories. Therefore leading researchers in the field of quantum physics, epigenetics and energy medicine are naturally interested in the BodyTalk System and have teamed up their efforts in order to make it available at a university level.

BodyTalk is soon to be a science degree in universities in the UK. There will be Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate in BodyTalk. There are also efforts for this to happen in Canada, Australia and other locations.

Dr Elizabeth Rauscher, Ph.D. (University of California at Berkeley) works in the field of Nuclear Physics and Engineering. She and her team are starting a new university in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They will be teaching Health Care based on quantum physics, and BodyTalk will be a part of the curriculum as a science degree.

Mount Royal University is the leading Canadian University in Integrative Medicine. It has dedicated a full department to the investigation and education of the holistic approach to the body. They have now opened their program to initially incorporate the BodyTalk Access course, with more to follow.

It is our hope that it won’t be long before NZ universities open their doors to BodyTalk.

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