Motivation and discipline for success

Why we don’t need motivation to be successful

Are you in search of motivation to kick-start all of your wonderful plans and ideas and turn them into reality? Have you been waiting for years for that to happen, forever talking and thinking about all the things you would like to do and never doing anything? There is indeed a magical “pill” that can help you manifest your dreams but it is NOT motivation! Read on and you will find out what it is.


A sound alternative to motivation

Many of us have goals, dreams and aspirations but most don’t feel motivated enough to act on them. The result? Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

So how do you find motivation? In exactly the same way as you overcome fear – by taking action. If you are waiting for fear to disappear to then take action, you can wait all life long. You need to first take action and then the fear disappears (or not, but who cares… fear should never be an excuse for not achieving what you want).

Similarly, if you wait for motivation to dawn on you to then take action, you can wait all you want and never achieve anything. True, a few selected individuals are blessed with wonderful motivation to do stuff. For the rest of us, motivation comes AS we take action (not before!). It is not motivation then that we need in order to succeed. It is discipline.

You’d rather be on a sunny beach but you can’t find motivation to drive all the way there? Just get in the car and do it anyway. The motivation will come along the way. It’s like a muscle that needs to be exercised – the more disciplined you are to take action despite not feeling motivated, the more motivated you feel next time. And if you are not that motivated to do something next time, do it anyway. Don’t wait for motivating to descend on you so you can be successful. Become disciplined instead. Do the things you know you should be doing and watch motivation appear “out of nowhere” as you take more and more action toward achieving your goals.

Want to lose wait? Eat less and exercise more. Not feeling motivated to do it? Do it anyway! You don’t need motivation. You need discipline. And get that: Discipline is nothing else but a habit of staying committed to yourself.

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