Beliefs can bring disease

Your beliefs can bring you disease

In this newsletter, I will share some very interesting information about how your perception of the world is reflected in your physical and mental state. Learn how you can go physically blind if you don’t like what you see in your environment!


Our beliefs about the world can cause us disease and degeneration

If you are familiar with Bruce Lipton’s work in the filed of epigenetics, you would know that beliefs influence the receptor sites in our cells as a result of which different genes get turned “on” or “off”. A good dose of laughter can turn on some 200 “good” genes in your body which have a positive effect on your blood sugar, blood pressure, blood clotting, cholesterol, digestion, breathing and many other physiological markers we normally use to measure our health and wellbeing.

Viruses also feed on beliefs by virtue of the fact that beliefs influence the cells’ receptor sites. Not surprisingly then, there is a lot of research in the medical field today to show that most diseases have a viral load to them. Thus, your beliefs and your perception of the world can indeed make you pathologically ill.

The woman who went blind “because she was Catholic”

The following story was published in a scientific medical journal in the UK and has been documented as part of extensive medical research. A woman who had a strong Catholic belief that marriage is for life, went blind after discovering that her husband had turned into a burglar. The woman couldn’t leave the marriage because of her religious beliefs but she couldn’t live with the marriage either because of the same beliefs. Her Catholic upbringing condemned divorce as well as stealing. In order to survive this situation, the woman willed her body subconsciously to lose her physical sight. This way she didn’t have to get divorced but she also didn’t have to see any of the objects stolen by her husband. The husband died 9 years later and thereafter the widow mysteriously regained her sight. Doctors could not isolate any physical cause that could have been responsible either for the loss of sight or for the return of the vision and thus they could but conclude that it was her beliefs that caused these physiological changes.

BodyTalk disarms beliefs and opens up space for regeneration and healing

The BodyTalk System utilizes a number of techniques for disassociating limiting beliefs. These techniques can have a great impact on resolving conditions such as arthritis, allergies and intolerances, depression, headaches and many other diseases.

What beliefs do you have that help you laugh? What beliefs do you have that make you cry? What pushes your buttons? Can you imagine life without charge, without things and people activating you? Come and experience BodyTalk and free yourself from the chains of your very own limiting beliefs – you are sure to experience life in a different way: carefree, spontaneous, joyful, and harmonious!!!


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